Leveraging in-market data, valuation algorithms,
and machine learning to ensure success


We secure premium inventory on public and private exchanges across a wide variety of digital advertising channels, including display, video, audio, mobile, and social media for standard and native ad units. Our approach is device agnostic and based on extensive research, a commitment to customer service, and expertise in data analysis in a way that delivers superior results.

Our client roster spans the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to e-commerce start-ups across a variety of sectors, including Consumer Electronics, CPG, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Finance, Food & Beverage, Government/Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, and Travel.

Brand safety and viewability standards are fulfilled through our partnerships with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.


The technology that enables us to uncover insights and drive success across our campaigns is built on four pillars:


We collect, store, and process over 1 trillion data points and map that to every individual user, device, and auction. This repository of information powers our media programs.


We deploy machine learning to determine which variables cause the greatest lift in performance, enabling us to drive greater cost efficiencies and better engagement rates at scale.


Our real time modification engine enables us to adapt campaigns against any parameter at the point of every bid. Speed and scale maximize the opportunity for unique customer segmentation and scoring to deliver competitive advantage.


Our reporting platform allows us to drill down into every detail of current and past campaigns to optimize future media performance and evaluate how various channels and combinations of channels contribute to results.


We profile, segment, and score every variable, touch point, and user to guarantee campaign success.

Our process relies on micro data at the cookie level to better understand users and discover the “who” and “where” part of the targeting equation. The “when” comes from our macro data sources where data is not connected to individual users, but rather to real world events.

Micro data can include behavioral attributes, contextual information, URL level information, domain, device type, time of day, and/or location. While macro signals like the weather, social data, TV data, Office of National Statistics, and Google Insights allow us to better inform the right moment to engage users.

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